Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions answered

What services does One Lovely Day offer in terms of event styling?

One Lovely Day offers both design, styling & coordination services.
As your designers, we take the role of translating your vision, personality and style into the overall look and feel of the wedding. We create briefs for your day and once they are perfect go about executing them.

As stylists, we make sure all the larger items, like marquees, lighting, furniture are all in place and then turn our attention to the smaller details. Checking your tablescapes are perfect before the guests arrive, making sure the place settings are correct, cutlery is facing the right way, place cards are perfectly centered to the plates. We ensure everything is picture perfect.

As your stylists we source and manage the correct vendors for our unique vision.

As your coordinators, we manage the day of your wedding according to our agreed-upon timeline, making sure vendors are briefed and arrive on time, any surprises are handled with minimum fuss and all vendors are across your day.

How involved can I be in the event styling process?

Our process blends both logistics and design to produce a cohesive and memorable story for our clients. Our goal is to guide our clients with our knowledge, expertise and style while maintaining their unique vision. Our approach is a collaborative experience, where we listen to our clients and share in the creative process as we develop the perfect plan for every event. Planning life’s biggest moments requires patience and attention to detail.

Can One Lovely Day assist with event styling for both small and large-scale events?

Absolutely! One Lovely Day has experience in styling events of various scales, ranging from intimate gatherings to large-scale celebrations. We have the expertise to adapt our styling approach based on the event size, venue, and specific requirements, ensuring a visually stunning experience regardless of the event’s scale.

Can One Lovely Day provide custom décor and props for events?

Yes, One Lovely Day can assist in sourcing and providing custom décor and props to align with your event’s theme and style. It’s actually one of our favourite things to do, create something from scratch.  We have a network of trusted suppliers and artisans to curate unique and personalised elements that add an extra touch of elegance and originality to your event.

How far in advance should I book event styling services with One Lovely Day?

The sooner the better, of course. However, anytime throughout your wedding planning process, we are happy to jump in and help. It doesn’t matter if you are starting from scratch or have already chosen a few vendors – we would be happy and honoured to be of service. Please keep in mind however, that we limit ourselves to booking numbers per annum, so it’s important to reserve your date as soon as possible.

How does One Lovely Day choose suppliers and vendors? 

We choose your vendors according to who we think will best suit your style of wedding, and your unique needs and location.  It has taken us a long time to establish many of our vendor relationships and it is this priceless intellectual property that distinguishes our service from the rest. 
We always provide our couples with quotes for each vendor service, so that you are able to make an informed decision that suits your style and more importantly, your budget.

Do you offer an hourly consultation?

Dependant on the time of year, we can help you organise your thoughts and guide you through what’s needed to create the perfect event of your own. Please contact us for our hourly consultation rates.

Do I need to have a specific theme or concept in mind before contacting One Lovely Day for event styling?

No absolutely not, it is our job as stylists to get to know you and understand your vision. A concept, or style in mind can provide a starting point, but One Lovely Day loves to be given the freedom to conceptualise and develop a unique event style based on your preferences, occasion, or any specific ideas you may have. We will guide you through the creative process as we make magic happen. 

Can One Lovely Day assist with event styling for destination weddings or events held outside New Zealand or for clients not based in NZ ?

We are primarily based in New Zealand but we do work within other countries as well. Please inquire for availability (additional fees will apply). We love our destination couples, about 40% of our clientele comprises of couples who are not living in New Zealand. For them, the planning process usually begins with a phone call or Zoom consultation so that we can get to know each other better. One of the hardest things for couples to deal with is not seeing their venue, sometimes until right before the wedding. In order to help with this, we take videos or Zoom / Whatsapp call them while we do a site visit. WhatsApp’s, photos and videos go a long way!

What sets One Lovely Day apart as a local event styling company?

As a local event styling company, One Lovely Day brings intimate knowledge of the local market, venues, and vendors. Our deep connections within the community enable us to offer personalised and tailored event styling experiences that capture the essence of your location and exceed our clients’ expectations.